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As a common rule among many gyms, however, the program isn being offered to teach people how to bully and beat up other people in school or on the street, among other places. Tomaino stressed that students who are caught fighting, are there to hurt people or have a bad attitude, are not welcome and will be asked to leave.

Mens Converse White Leather Shoes

the students who make the gym, Tomaino said. students] make the environment.

Mens Converse White Leather Shoes

Mens Converse White Leather Shoes

For 80 minutes a week, students have an a chance to learn MMA in exchange for completing writing assignments, but attendance must be up and their grades can slip. Tomaino said feedback from teachers showed a great improvement in the attitude of students towards school.

Community Peace Officer, introduced a program called to Fight in three Outreach schools in Cold Lake and Bonnyville. It incorporates writing assignments with the skills of MMA. Tomaino is very proud to be working with students.

Another positive about the classes, Tomaino said, is it a great form Mens Converse White Leather Shoes of self defence for anybody involved.

Johnny Tomaino, a coach for the MMA program at the Energy Centre, says the girls who are new will learn the basics and the program will get them where they need to be. The main purpose of all of the Energy Centre MMA classes, Tomaino said, is to go back to the values of traditional marital arts.

Mens Converse White Leather Shoes

there ever be a need to Converse All Star Laceless Sneakers For Unisex

Mens Converse White Leather Shoes

use self defence or be in a self defence situation, the young ladies and women will have some of the skills to be able to get away and call for help, Tomaino said.

Mens Converse White Leather Shoes

Mens Converse White Leather Shoes

Mens Converse White Leather Shoes

Girls interested in learning the fundamentals of mixed martial arts (MMA) in Cold Lake and area now have an outlet to do so. Following a large number of requests, the Energy Centre now offers a female youth MMA program.

Fourteen year old Sydney Winram, who aspires to be a professional MMA fighter one day, showed up early for her first MMA class.

The Girls MMA Fitness Classes, for ages 10 17, offers a variety of disciplines associated with MMA like Brazilian Jiu jitsu, judo, American or collegiate wrestling, Muay Thai kickboxing, boxing, grappling and ground fighting.

Mens Converse White Leather Shoes

Mens Converse White Leather Shoes

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though we are dealing with MMA, there are still traditional values that apply such as self control, discipline, respect of oneself and others, building confidence in oneself, being able to have a attitude, and understanding our bodies a lot better, Tomaino said.

year there was only a women MMA class so this year I extremely happy to actually be able to join the class now, Winram said. definitely learn a lot and break a sweat. I already saw that my technique for the jab/cross (punches) improved within one class. said she enjoyed how Coach Tomaino makes sure they respect your opponents and how he makes sure they won fight outside of the class.

Tomaino, who is also a Converse White Womens 7.5

Girls MMA classes being offered at Energy Centre

their willingness to open their minds and learn something new and step outside the box, Tomaino said.

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