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McLeod would know he's involved at all levels of girls and women's hockey in the city. And, getting players to come back into the program each year, that's a goal even at the top end, where more women than ever are playing competitively, and recreationally.

A lot of the instructors are players from the bantam and midget divisions, Typhoons players helping the newcomers get started.

For the first time, pucks were introduced at the practices before Christmas.

"The kids seem to be improving more quickly on the skating side,'' McLeod said. "I think it has a lot to do with the quality of the instructors who've come on board.''

Often in past years there've been no pucks in the ice until mid January, as skating skills are learned.

Ladies Converse Trainers Sale Uk

Ladies Converse Trainers Sale Uk

Ladies Converse Trainers Sale Uk

It could be many seasons before it goes lower.

"Our retention rate is 90 per cent.''

Ladies Converse Trainers Sale Uk

You may recall that McLeod two seasons ago took on the coaching job for the Cornwall Fastbreakers, a strong A level team in the National Capital Women's Hockey League.

The overall numbers are impressive. The CGHA has 325 players registered, and there are 16 Converse Best Shoes

The number of instructors is Converse Purple Kids

Ladies Converse Trainers Sale Uk

And that makes McLeod's job easier. Less time explaining drills to instructors means more time focusing on the kids, and, this year, those kids were quick studies.

"We've always had four year olds (in the program), we feel if we get them skating early enough, get them introduced to the puck early, they're more likely to come back,'' said head instructor Rod McLeod, the CGHA president.

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It all gets started at the initiation level, for players up to age seven, where this season, there was a 20 percent increase in registration, with 45 kids participating.

"The growth of girls' and women's hockey has taken off,'' McLeod said, "and I don't see it levelling off anytime Converse All Star Low Black Clean Plim

"We have a lot of (tyke age) non skaters, so they get a lot of one on one time with the (bantam and midgets),'' McLeod said. "With initiation twice Ladies Converse Trainers Sale Uk a week, usually it's less than a month before the kids are skating on their own.''

Ladies Converse Trainers Sale Uk

impressive too, some weeks. There's been as many as a dozen instructors on the ice, many of them parents."It's amazing that we've had so many come out,'' McLeod said. "And they have a good background (in hockey) too, they've had some solid training from hockey schools in the area.''

players with the Fastbreakers. Add to that the addiitons of the last couple of years a six team women's recreational league, a Learn to Skate program for adults and the senior B Typhoons team and the number of participants jumps to 470.

"More and more (women) return to Cornwall after (college years) and now they know there's a place for them to play,'' McLeod said. "They don't have to stop playing.''

And, for the first time, there's a second team in the Ottawa league, the Typhoons senior B squad.

"It's skating for the first 25 sessions, all about the skating,'' the head instructor said.

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It's never been higher.

Well, last fall, the Fastbreakers for the first time had so many players come to pre season workouts, they became de facto tryout sessions 30 skaters.

Girls just want to play hockey

Ladies Converse Trainers Sale Uk

Ladies Converse Trainers Sale Uk

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