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on from her grandfather, the late Roy Converse Khaki Shoes

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Finally accepting her calling she attended the two year program offered by the Northern Ontario School of Ministry.

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One of the saddest duties she has carried out to date was presiding at the funeral of her husband William who passed away suddenly five years ago. The loss of their wonderful father was very difficult for her and her girls, but Karen is proud of the way that they have adapted and adjusted to life without him.

Holmes, her father, the late Gary Fisher and her mother Pat Fisher.

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From the age of nine Karen knew that God was calling her to the ministry even though she was not much interested in listening just then.

Karen believes that everyone should have the option of being married by a minister. While some denominations prefer to marry only those who are members of their Converse Womens Target congregation, she can Converse All Star All Black High Tops

It would seem that the military assessment was accurate after all as not only has Karen proven that she is well suited to be a chaplain, she is also a terrific cook and bread maker who makes one of the best loaves on the planet. With the busy summer wedding season just ahead, Karen is looking forward to many new adventures as she helps couples achieve their dream of the perfect ceremony meant just for them. Karen can be reached at 649 0717. Give her a call and start to plan your dream ceremony.

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With a father in the military and a life that was lived all over the world, she considered enlisting and took the career testing only to discover that she was best suited to being a chaplain or a cook!

William loved her singing voice and she hopes one day soon to record and release a CD of his favourite songs.

Converse Womens Target

Converse Womens Target

Converse Womens Target

be approached by any man and women who are interested in "tying the knot". She meets first with the bride and groom, answers their questions, offers advice on any potential problems and offers to help them in the future if they experience difficulties that could benefit from her insight and expertise. Wedding ceremonies need not be limited to buildings such as churches or halls as far as Rev. Cliffe is concerned as God is everywhere so why not enjoy His work outside as well?

She has married couples on the dock at camp, in their gardens at home and on one memorable occasion on a farm near a corral with very curious horses. As much as she would like to believe that the horses were drawn to hear the beautiful words of the ceremony, Karen laughingly conceded that the real attention getter was her flowing shirt that danced in the breeze. "I had to struggle to keep a straight face as one horse reached over the fence and nibbled on my shirt tail before grabbing the back of my pants firmly in his teeth. As I carefully edged away from the animal I wondered how many other ministers attended wedding receptions with horse lip prints on them!" Lindsay and Chris Cole who are approaching their second anniversary, were thrilled with the beautiful ceremony that Karen conducted for them in the family garden. "The garden looked glorious and all the hard work that my parents put into it really paid off on that perfect day in August. Karen created a beautiful ceremony just for us. The wedding was exactly what Chris and I wanted."

Getting married someplace unusual

Every bride and groom are different and Karen is more than willing to gear a ceremony to the couple's unique personality. Although willing to soar to the heavens if sky diving or hot air ballooning is involved; and to follow you to the depths if scuba diving or spelunking [exploring caves] is on the wish list for the perfect ceremony, she does draw the line at having your pet poisonous snake as ring bearer!

As the world entered the 21st century, Karen began a new phase in her life and became licensed to perform marriages in Ontario. Two years later she was an ordained minister. Karen and both her daughters inherited the great musical talents and outstanding voices passed Converse White Shoes Online

Times are changing and more women such as the Rev. Karen Cliff, who have all of the personality traits, abilities, knowledge, commitment, and a sense of being called by God to the clergy are increasing in number as they become more widely accepted by society.

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Converse Womens Target


Since neither option suited her she moved in a different direction, married and had two daughters. Karen believes that her daughters, Ashley Rose, the oldest who is following in her mother's footsteps and attending Bible College in southern Ontario, and Cassandra Dawn, are her greatest blessing.

Converse Womens Target

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