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But in making his point on what he believes are the boundaries within the definition of marriage, Giuda reportedly said: "What's going to happen next? Men and sheep? Women and dogs?"

Giuda insisted he meant no disrespect and remains in favor of gay rights under the civil union statute in New Hampshire.

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Converse Sneakers For Toddlers

Nashua on Monday drawing a comparison from same sex marriage to bestiality.

comments sparked a frenzy among political bloggers, and Giuda said he could have chosen his words better.

Converse Sneakers For Toddlers

Converse Sneakers For Toddlers

Giuda Explains Comments On Same

In a statement released Tuesday afternoon, New Hampshire Freedom to Marry Coalition executive director Mo Baxley denounced Giuda's remarks as "hateful and simply ridiculous."

"To compare gays and lesbians to dogs is beyond offensive, and to state that we are responsible for the decline of civilization is simply ridiculous," she said.

Giuda had just spoken at Rivier College when he was approached by a small group of people challenging his position on gay rights.

Republican congressional candidate Bob Giuda is coming under fire for comments made to a group of students in Converse All Star Leather Sneakers For Unisex

Converse Sneakers For Toddlers

Converse Sneakers For Toddlers

"The point was, it's not to our good as a nation or society to institutionalize relationships that do not involve a man and a woman for the protection of a family," he said.

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in Afghanistan and Iraq."

"I see where it could be taken out of context and people could take offense at it," he said.

Giuda admitted his comments could be considered offensive to same sex couples.

"I think the country is very focused on what's truly important, and that is jobs, the economy, the national debt those types of issues," he said. "Our defense, the war Converse Black Womens Sneakers

Converse Sneakers For Toddlers

"During that period of time, I was asked a question about gay marriage, which, of course, I oppose, because I believe marriage is strictly between a man and a woman," Giuda said.

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"That comment was made in the context of a discussion about institutionalizing Converse Sneakers For Toddlers marriage," Giuda said.

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