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But he expects the vast majority of 249 codes will be assigned to cellphones, which have become so popular that as many as 70% of the population now own one, according to some surveys.

All the numbers residents now have on speed dial or in digital phone books in their telephones, must be input again this time with the full 10 digit number, or residents will not be able to connect when trying to make a call.

Labelle said.

"So theoretically, these companies have been doing the work," Pilley said. "If a company has seven digit autodialers and haven't begun to change them, there will be an issue."

Ten digit dialing will affect all residents and businesses in the 705 area, which means phones must be reprogrammed in order to avoid any inconveniences.

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The 249 code will only be assigned to customers on an as needed basis likely not until early in 2012, Pilley said. Customers who now have the 705 code will keep their numbers. The new area code will not affect local calling in any way, nor will it alter long distance charges or districts.

Starting in January, all local calls must include the three digit area code, followed by the seven digit phone number. The change is coming because the 705 area is quickly running out of numbers, due primarily to Converse Sneaker Boots the explosion of the use of cellphones.

It will be a bit of an inconvenience for residents to reprogram their phones and it will take a little while to get use to the new dialing method. But businesses will feel the impact more because any automated dialing mechanisms such as fax machines, some computer systems and electronic alarm systems must be reprogrammed to 10 digits, or they will not work after March 19.

The only place 10 digit dialing will not be mandatory is in the Thunder Bay area, which is part of the 807 area code. That region runs from Thunder Bay north, and west to the Manitoba border.

"(But) they're not going to have a problem with this. The kids are so adaptable (those 35 and younger). They just take all this in stride," Pilley said.

will have some hurdles to get over with the new 10 digit system, Pilley said young people with cellphones will feel the impact more than most, because they use their phones so often and because they usually have a long list of numbers programmed into their wireless machines.

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In this digital age, your digits are going to get an even greater workout in the new year, when people in the Sault and across the 705 area Converse Chuck Taylor 2 Indonesia

The Sault's ATS Alarm and Telecom Services, on Bruce Street, has been reprogramming its electronic alarm systems and assigning 10 digit numbers to new customers since the fall of 2009.

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Converse Sneaker Boots

Labelle expects a smooth transition in the new year.

Pilley said the Canadian Alarm and Security Association (CANASA) has assured his office that it contacted all member businesses (alarm installers and monitoring companies) 18 months ago for the changes coming to dialing systems in the 705 area.

Get telephones ready for 10

The change will be phased in beginning Jan. 15, 2011. People attempting to make local calls using only seven digits will receive a recorded message reminding them to use all 10 numbers when dialing. But seven digit calls will still be completed during the grace period, which runs from Jan. 15 to March 19.

It has been in effect in Toronto since 2001 and was introduced in Ottawa in 2006.

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Much of the work can be done remotely, but some older systems require a technician to make the changes on site, he said.

code will be required to punch in the full 10 digits of a phone number whenever they make a call. Even a call to a friend across the street.

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Converse Sneaker Boots

Ten digit dialing is new to the North, but it has been required in other parts of Ontario for years.

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"As soon as we were aware that was happening, we started implementing the change right away," said ATS co owner Paul Labelle.

"There's a transition, there's two months so people can get use to it," said Glenn Pilley, a spokesperson for the Canadian Numbering Administration, in Ottawa.

And because the 705 area is running out of phone numbers, a new area code, 249, will be added. The new code will coexist with the current 705 code and will cover the exact same area.

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Labelle said it takes time to change all the systems because his client base is more than 1,000 customers in the Sault and across Algoma district.

Pilley said it's even likely that one home could have two phone lines, each with a different area code, the common 705, and new 249 code.

Beginning March 19, only 10 digit calls will connect.

Some alarm companies began changing their systems more than a year ago.

"We are currently going through that with our clients. It is a fair bit of work because it has to be done in a short period of time. Every customer has to be contacted," Converse Jack Purcell Blue

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