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STEP 2: The evaporator shell is filled with R 134a, a common refrigerant found in many air conditioning systems. The Converse Chucks Sale Ebay


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Converse Sale Melbourne

STEP 5: Cooling Water enters from our cooling water well which is located 3000ft distant and 33ft higher elevation than the power plant. Cold water (40F 45F) is siphoned out of this well and supplied to the power plant condenser at a rate of 1500gpm.

3600rpm, producing electricity.

STEP 1: Hot water enters the evaporator at 165F (480gpm). After the hot water runs through the evaporator, it is returned to the geothermal reservoir via our injection pump and injection well system. Some of the water is also used to heat buildings on site before it is reinjected.

STEP 7: The pump pushes the liquid refrigerant back over to the evaporator, so the cycle can start again. By doing so, it also generates the pressure which drives the entire cycle.


UTC Research Center has teamed up with their sister divisions, Carrier and UTC Power, to reverse engineer mass produced Carrier chiller components to dramatically reduce the cost of production, and allow for modular construction. Instead a secondary (hence, "binary") fluid, R 134a, which has a lower boiling point than water passes through a heat exchanger with 165 water from our geothermal wells. Heat from the geothermal water causes the R 134a to flash to vapor which then drives the turbine. Because this is a closed loop system virtually nothing is emitted to the atmosphere. Moderate temperature is by far the most common geothermal resource and most geothermal power plants in the future will be binary cycle plants. Here are the steps in the cycle:

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STEP 4: The vapor is expanded supersonically through the turbine nozzle, causing the turbine blades to turn at 13,500rpm. The turbine is connected to a generator, which it spins at Converse All Star Sneakers For Unisex Pink

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In addition to our relaxing hot springs, we offer free daily geothermal renewable energy tours for guests to learn more about our energy saving projects. Chena Hot Springs is the lowest temperature geothermal resource to be used for commercial power production in the world. We hope this will be the first step toward much greater geothermal development in the state. The cost of power production, even in semi remote locations such as Chena, will be reduced from 30 to less than 7 per kWh Converse All Star Shoes Blue

165F water entering the evaporator is not hot enough to boil water, but it is hot enough to boil the R 134a refrigerant. The evaporator is a giant heat exchanger, with the hot water never actually coming in contact with the refrigerant, but transferring heat energy to it. The R134a begins to boil and vaporize.

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Converse Sale Melbourne

Converse Sale Melbourne

STEP 3: On initial system startup, the vapor bypasses the turbine and returns directly to the condenser via a bypass valve. Once there is adequate boiling/evaporation of the refrigerant, the bypass valve closes and the vapor is routed to the turbine.

once the UTC plant is installed and operational.

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Converse Sale Melbourne

Converse Sale Melbourne

The challenge for moderate temperature small scale geothermal development has been to bring the cost down to a level where it is economical to develop small geothermal fields. UTC has been working toward that goal. In the past, small geothermal power plants have been built to order using tailor made components, which has greatly increased both Converse Sale Melbourne the expense and the lead time for such units.

STEP 6: The cooling water entering the condenser and recondenses the vapor refrigerant back into a liquid. As in the evaporator, the condenser only allows heat transfer to occur between the refrigerant (in the shell) and the cold water (in the tubes within the condenser). The two liquids never actually come in contact.

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