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Belair was given a three year sentence, but has since been released from prison and is scheduled to testify next week at Maestrello's trial as a Crown witness.

Defence lawyer Rosalind Conway suggested to Myre that when Maestrello spoke of "construction", he could have been covering for the fact that he was seeing another woman.

girlfriend of accused testifies at murder trial

Maestrello is currently on trial for two counts of first degree murder related to the deaths of Jade and Peter Benedict, whose bodies were found on July 16, 2005.

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Converse Red Leather

Charmaine Myre only dated Maestrello for a month after meeting at a Canada Day concert around Converse Red Leather 1999, but they reconnected in mid June of 2005, she told the court.

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Maestrello told her that a friend had been arrested by a SWAT team, and his girlfriend needed some support.

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"He sounded upset. He was pacing," she recalled. "It kind of sounded like he was trying to calm someone down."

Myre said if that was the case, she didn't make the connection.

The Crown alleges the Benedicts were mari juana purchasers who were shot and killed for more than $100,000 in cash.

recalled, but said he added something to the effect that his business was his business. on July 22.

on the evening Converse All Star Light Ox Shoes - Optical White

Converse Red Leather

Converse Red Leather

Converse Red Leather

Myre told the court that Maestrello eventually returned to Sudbury around July 20. Once again, they reconnected, but Myre said she noticed some differences in Maestrello. He seemed more distant, and his pager was unusually active, she said.

Myre said she asked Maestrello flat out if he was dealing drugs. He said 'no', she Converse All-star White Leather 2 Strap Hi-top

Roger Belair, an alleged Cornwall area drug supplier, had been arrested Converse Dainty Trainers White

When double murder defendant Jason Maestrello left Sudbury for Cornwall in spring of 2005, a woman he was dating at the time testified in court Friday that he had lined up construction work in the Ottawa area.

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Converse Red Leather

Converse Red Leather

Maestrello faces an additional charge of attempted murder related to the second shooting incident for allegedly pressuring Belair to shoot the drug middleman.

of July 21.

Belair cut a deal and pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of aggravated assault related to a separate shooting on July 16, following the murders.

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