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Good Enough To Eat Globe Artichokes

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Hanging baskets, among the thirstiest of customers, can be dunked in a bucket of water, or Converse Online an old washing up bowl filled with water, and given a complete soaking before you go. Then, if you have room, dig a shallow hole in a shady bed which will house the basket while you're away. Place a water globe, or a plastic bottle with the end cut off, spout side down into the basket and fill it with water so that the plants receive a gradual top up.

The secret is to have water saving plans in place, along with tactics which will lead to the least water loss possible.

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You may inevitably lose some plants while you're on holiday but with a little TLC and a good deadhead or trim on your return, they may bounce back to give you pleasure for the rest of the summer.

For those with plants such as tomatoes, there are troughs available on to which you can place a growbag. Underneath the trough is a reservoir which will keep plants watered for up to 14 days through capillary watering spikes which pierce the growbag and supply the roots with the water they need.

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Place your patio pots together in a shady spot, to slow down evaporation, then give them a thorough soaking and place them on a large tray housing soaked capillary matting, which should feed the roots with enough moisture until your return. Cut a strip of matting, submerging one end in a nearby bucket of water, and the other running down to the matting in the tray, which should act as a conduit to keep it moist.

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These pretty half hardy annuals are a favourite in patio pots and window boxes, flowering quickly to create a riot of colour, brightening up sunny corners with their clusters of funnel shaped blooms. They need watering in dry weather and it's best to pinch out the tips of seedlings to induce bushiness. Try the Fragrant Lady series, which are wonderfully scented and come in three types 'Sweet Lady' has delicate pink and white flowers, with a yellow lip, 'Vanilla Lady' is pure white with a yellow lip and 'Scented Lady' is two tone pink/purple with a yellow lip. You can buy single colours such as 'Blue Gem' and 'Fire King', but if you want to be bold buy a mixture such as 'Carnival', assortments of reds, creams and yellows. Cut back once the first flush of flowering is over.

the vine, the plant will stop fruiting. If you've grown sweet peas with your climbing beans, to help with pollination, pick off all the sweet pea flowers (not just the ones in bloom) because otherwise the plants will stop flowering.

If you're away for more than a few days, remove young beans, immature peas and baby courgettes as if these mature on Converse Boys

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Don't worry if your grass dries out. If you mow it before you go, leave the clippings on Converse All Star Black Low

Mediterranean climates and will survive for some time without water. Cosmos, escholzia (Californian poppy), gazania, morning glory and helichrysum are all pretty drought tolerant, as are diascia, nicotiana, osteospermum and zinnia.

Best of the Bunch Nemesia

the lawn which will act as a mulch and conserve moisture. Otherwise, feel free to leave it long and then you should be able to give it a good cut on your return, while the long grass will have protected the strong roots underneath. Grass invariably grows back healthily with the autumn rains.

If you have a vegetable garden, give it a thorough soaking so the water goes deep down into the ground to the roots, as late as you can before you leave. If you have neighbours, get them to harvest any ripening produce (either for you or for themselves).

There are also many automatic irrigation systems available, varying in simplicity. Most work on a timer system attached to your outside tap, supplying water via drip feeders or soaker hoses to release water slowly to the areas it's needed in the beds and borders, or to your patio plants. More sophisticated types have sensors which detect rain and adjust the watering requirements accordingly, while others start and stop the irrigation process according to moisture levels in the soil.

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give your garden a holiday Express Star

Of course, canny gardeners will have thought about the problems of watering and will have gone for plants which don't require much help. Geraniums, for instance, love Converse All Star 2 Uk

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These are fantastic architectural plants as much as anything else, their thistle like purple flowers creating a show stopping feature before you've even tasted any of their fruits. Sow them in February in trays in a greenhouse or on a warm windowsill and, in April, prick out the strongest seedlings, transferring them to 7cm pots. Grow on and gradually harden off. They can be planted out in May when they are 10cm tall in a sunny but sheltered site in very rich soil, allowing at least 75cm diameter per plant. Keep them well watered throughout summer and the buds should start to appear from June onwards. A mature plant should yield up to 12 flowers a year and will reach 1.5m in height. Harvest them by cutting the flower heads with a little stalk when the outer scales have opened flat. Boil them whole for 20 minutes until the scales are tender and serve with hollandaise or vinaigrette. In November, cut the dead stems back to the ground and protect the crowns with straw.

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