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GLENN SAYS: I don't think you can judge that Buy Converse Shoes Adelaide

According to you, where are Tottenham going right now? Aditya Pimpale

GLENN SAYS: I think they will definitely compete for the top four. for the title I still think it's Chelsea or Man City.

Who do you think will finish top four this season? Naimullah Khan

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GLENN SAYS: You can't guarantee anything in such a tough league, but those are the aims. I've not had a full training session with them yet and I haven't had much time to assess the squad, but the attitude will be that we can stay up with hard work!

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Who do you think will win the Premier League and why? Mo

GLENN SAYS: I don't at the moment, not to win the league. They will be stronger because they have bought well. I sense that defensively they might be a little bit short unless they go into the market and that's why this isn't really the right time to say. I can't be sure until the window shuts (and in my opinion it really should shut at the start of the domestic season wherever you are in the world). If they go out and strengthen in defence they will be much more balanced in order to make a challenge.

GLENN SAYS: I haven't seen them play, so it's too early to say. The new manager did a fantastic job at Southampton with the way they played and if he gets a response from the players anywhere near that then Spurs can do well. seven players they brought in last year may be better equipped this season now they know the Premier League. will be settled, as will their families and they will be better for that. seven foreign players in, who didn't know the Premier League was a bit of a risk for me, but now they have had a year. If the manager can get his tactics across it will be a positive season.

If you were to pick an English club to win next season's Champions League, which club would it be judging by their pre season show? Vincent Raymond

With Louis van Gaal now running Man Utd do you expect to see the old United back and can you see a top four finish? Iain Hamilton

Saturday. had a year playing their system and they know it very well. Steve Bruce did ever so well last year and I think they can even improve on that.

Tune in for Sky Sports' first live Premier League game of the season Arsenal v Crystal Palace on Saturday Night Football from 4.45pm, Saturday, Sky Sports 1

GLENN SAYS: 1. 2. United. can't split Arsenal and Liverpool and it will probably be the results between the top five teams that could dictate the last spot. can't see Tottenham or Everton jumping in there yet though.

Would you consider managing again? Glenn Parker

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Converse Khaki Green

GLENN SAYS: It's still early to make a shout. difficult to say until everyone has finished in the transfer window. have got to wait to see who gets who in and then you can judge the squads. me, it between Man City and Chelsea, who both look very strong. have bought shrewdly sometimes teams buy good players simply because they are available, even if they have good players in that area but what Chelsea have done is plugged the holes in their squad perfectly. have replaced Frank Lampard with Cesc Fabregas and with Didier Drogba and Diego Costa the forward options are outstanding. I think you see Drogba coming on and changing games. have plugged the holes and that's why I think they will challenge. As for Man City, we know they can afford to buy the best in the world so will be up there.

GLENN SAYS: No. made it clear when I agreed to go back into coaching with Harry at QPR that I would keep my TV commitments, which I really enjoy. had Converse All Star Uk Sports Direct

GLENN SAYS: Hmm. one. Stoke and possibly Hull the team we play on Leather Converse Ladies Uk

GLENN SAYS: Yes, most definitely! However, they need to strengthen at the back. more central defender would see them challenge. have been working on a new shape and sometimes that inspires players. For many years they have played with a back four and now they may go with a back three and that gives different responsibilities. That can inspire players and refresh them.

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Converse Khaki Green

Converse Khaki Green

Glenn, when you will be assistant coach for QPR will that mean you will no longer be working for Sky Sports? Tevon King

GLENN SAYS: The main reason for me going back was simply that Harry asked me. felt I could be an addition to the staff at QPR; it something he did with Steve McClaren in the past. terms of what I can bring, I love coaching players, I love looking at team shapes. I feel improving players is a strength of mine and I feel I have the experience to do that. That's what I hope to bring. Also, it's a new experience for me. like new challenges and to be a coach working under a manager is a first for me; it will be interesting. have spoken to Kevin and Joe, met the staff and it will be exciting. felt it was time to get my coaching head back on again!

Glenn Hoddle Q Sky Sports pundit talks QPR role and Premier League race

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on pre season games. of the best players were at the World Cup and have not performed in pre season. think Chelsea look to have the credentials, but can they break the back of Barcelona after they made the additions of Luis Suarez and Thomas Vermaelen? Or Real Madrid, who look outstanding? And there also Atletico, who will have a massive challenge to continue what they did last. say Chelsea would be our best bet because City are a conundrum in Europe right now.

GLENN SAYS: That really hasn't come into my thought pattern. had many offers funnily enough I had three last week for national teams all around the world but that's not on Converse Khaki Green my agenda. enjoyed my punditry and want to maintain that going forward. was out of the blue that Harry asked me and it was that I'm the sort of person he wanted. hope it can be a major advantage to QPR and I can enjoy working in the game again myself.

to be recognised and Harry and the club were happy with that.

Converse Khaki Green

Do you think Arsenal have what it takes to win the league, as they are at the moment? Conner Brennan

Who do you think can cause the biggest surprise among the smaller teams? Pritam Guha

Converse Khaki Green

To help launch Sky Sports 5 this week, Glenn Hoddle took part in a live Q with Sky Sports readers answering questions about the season ahead. If you missed it, here what he had to say about his new role as first team coach at QPR and how he thinks the Premier League title race will shape up What do you think you can bring to QPR, and what do you think QPR can give you? Luke QPR Graham

Glenn, do you think Liverpool have signed enough players to compete for the title again this season? Child Olly

Converse Khaki Green

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