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RBI Strategies Research conducted the poll for The Dakota Poll. The Dakota Poll is a private, nonpartisan group studying the beliefs and issues of South Converse Gold Chuck Taylor Dakotans.

This is the group's second poll. The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.9 percent. Of the sample, 42 percent described themselves as strong tea party supporters, and 58 percent said they were somewhat supportive.

frequently clash. The common element binding them together is a dislike for government, he said.

But some of the findings are less obvious and challenge the caricature painted by the left. Thirty seven percent report having a bachelor's degree or higher. Census Bureau results. About half reported household incomes higher than the state's median. So, the tea party isn't the refuge for society's Converse Ladies Leather Trainers Uk

More than a quarter had somebody in their immediate family employed in government. Fifty seven percent had an immediate family member who serves, or has served, in the military. Yet 76 percent favor closing some or most of the country's overseas military bases.

show that the tea party is "a collection of sub groups." The tea party is heavy on libertarians and social conservatives, two groups that Converse All Star Modern High Top Htm For Sale

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Converse Gold Chuck Taylor

Converse Gold Chuck Taylor

Converse Gold Chuck Taylor

Converse Gold Chuck Taylor

Love it or hate it, the tea party is going to be around for a while. At least until the next election, if its showing at this weekend's Conservative Political Action Conference is an indication.

Masten says the poll surprised him in several areas. For example, the survey asked whether the respondents would prefer cutting state aid to public schools and nursing homes or, instead, imposing a 1 cent sales tax during tourist season during the next three years. Seventy three percent favored the sales tax increase. Another 56 percent favored raising federal income taxes by 5 percent on people who make more than $1 million a year.

The tea party faces an uncertain future. The United States has a rich history of third parties and political movements rising up to challenge the dominant two party structure. But those movements almost always are absorbed by one of the two major parties. In this case, it would be the Republican Party drinking the tea.

poor, white dregs.

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Converse Gold Chuck Taylor

Jeff Masten is on the advisory board for The Dakota Poll. The results, he said, Converse Shoe Laces Length

So it behooves us to know a little more about the tea partiers, particularly the specimens living right here in South Dakota. The tea party in South Dakota isn't the political force that it is in other areas of the country, in large part because the state Republican Party has been dominant enough that it hasn't had to do much, if any, bargaining with Democrats. Unlike the national GOP, the state Republican Party has proven to be a reliable vehicle for advancing conservative causes.

Almost half reported being on a government program, such as Social Security or veterans health care. Yet 80 percent want last year's health care reform law repealed. Eighteen percent have an immediate family member who receives federal farm subsidies. Yet 47 percent think federal farm payments to farmers and ranchers should be left at current levels or increased.

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"I think the tea party is a lot more complex and nuanced than maybe they've been portrayed," said Masten, who is a past chairman of the South Dakota Democratic Party.

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Getting to know state's tea party

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Some results are predictable: The bulk of the tea party's support comes from older, white men. Registered Republicans numbered 77 percent, while 13 percent were Democrats. It's a generally religious group. Fifty five percent go to church one or more times a week. And 48 percent think the Earth is 6,000 years old.

A new poll of 401 South Dakota tea party supporters is available today. The poll is the most comprehensive public analysis of the movement in this state.

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