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The truth is, for the first family of Saskatchewan sport, Chris Getzlaf didn't just miss his brother winning the Stanley Cup in 2007 he didn't see it.

He was a late draft pick of Hamilton in 2007, a kid who admits he never started the first year on any team he played on. He always had to battle.

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"Now you're trying to bring a tear to my eye," said Chris Getzlaf, the slot receiver of the Saskatchewan Roughriders, being told what his brother had said earlier in the day in a telephone conversation.

In his last four years, he has caught footballs for just under 4,000 yards.

The timing just didn't work out for the elder of the two Getzlaf brothers Chris is 30, Ryan is 28, although some might have guessed Ryan as the big brother.

"He was with me when I got drafted. He came to the Olympics in Vancouver when he won."

Major League baseball if he was so inclined.

There were two a day practices. There were meetings. There was the crush of his first professional camp. It was early to bed.

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Chris is 6 feet tall, maybe 200 pounds with a full head of hair and has had to beat the odds at every level to get this far in the Canadian Football League. He was never a sure thing.

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"I wasn't able to be there. It was crushing."

His big brother Chris, his best friend, wasn't there with him.

"The games were so late," he said. "I watched some of it, but not all of it.

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Chris was a rookie in training camp with the Hamilton Tiger Cats.

"It's huge what he's done, considering where he's come from," said Ryan, who said his brother said could have played Converse Womens White Tennis Shoes

"Me and him have been best friends since I was 14. Growing up, we had our battles. He didn't want me around when I was the younger brother. You know how it is. Older brother doesn't want a younger brother around.

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Instead, he's hosting a Grey Cup party in California (he wouldn't say t how big it would be), watching on satellite television.

"He's supported me 100% before I got noticed. He's been a little bit in the background at times. There's not one bit of jealousy between us. We're there for each other. We've always been there for each other.

"He's always been with me," said Ryan, the star centre with the Anaheim Ducks.

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His favourite team growing up, his only brother playing what can be better than that for two kids from Regina, who grew Converse Trainers 2017

"He's done so good for himself. Our careers have kind of peaked at different times," said Ryan.

He wanted to.

up playing a whole lot of hockey and football and baseball and just about everything else?

Very little but survival happened in the first four years of his career.

Ryan Getzlaf remembers what it felt like inside, winning the Stanley Cup, holding it up proudly, all the while knowing something was missing.

"Once I hit the age of 14, we became best friends. Our friends are now the same. We all hang out together. Everything Converse Chuck Taylor Ox White we've always done is to support each other."

thought he might be able to get something accomplished.

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Converse Chuck Taylor Ox White

Converse Chuck Taylor Ox White

What could be better than that?

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If you look at Ryan all 6 foot 4, 220 pounds of him and his natural strength, his diminished hairline, his square jaw, you could easily think he, not Chris, was the older brother.

He was someone who went from the practice roster in Hamilton, was a throw in a trade to Saskatchewan, barely played at all in his first three years, yet kept slugging away at it.

This is championship Sunday for Chris Getzlaf and his hometown Saskatchewan Roughriders and, all week long, Ryan tried to figure out how he could get to the game. He looked at the possibility of flying home. He looked at the Ducks' schedule. He Converse All Star Shoes Sale Uk

Getzlaf brothers share special bond

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