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Converse Chuck Taylor Ox Grey

tax base, it must rely on residential taxes and per capita grants for Glendon's operating revenue.

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Converse Chuck Taylor Ox Grey

"As you can see, we are in the same situation as the City of Cold Lake and many other municipalities in this province," said Lofstrand in the letter. "We cannot keep up with the demand Converse Chuck Taylor Ox Grey of growth."

Lake, the Town of Bonnyville, the Village of Glendon and the MD of Bonnyville entered into forced mediation mandated by the province.

In addition, it would discourage businesses from coming in to the village.

Now, under a new administration with different priorities, the deal does not seem to work for Glendon.

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This comes as a change in the outlook for the village of Glendon, Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Leather Ox Shoes

Converse Chuck Taylor Ox Grey

He said these types of projects "didn't appear to be" within the priorities of the previous council.

The comments came in a response to a letter from Cold Lake Mayor Craig Copeland that included statements saying the Village of Glendon is sustainable as a municipality.

Under this deal, the MD of Bonnyville agreed to pay approximately $100,000 every year for nine years to the Village of Glendon, and approximately 800,000 to the Town of Bonnyville.

He will attempt to get this funding from the province through grants or other methods.

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Glendon Mayor says village unsustainable

The City of Cold Lake did not take this deal, as Copeland felt that it would handcuff future councils.

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Lofstrand said he is currently in the process of getting engineers to consult on these projects to determine the costs of all of these upgrades.

All of this stands in contrast to what was said by the previous council headed by Johnnie Doonanco.

Lofstrand plans to consult various provincial ministers to try and get access to these funds.

This was done to help provide some type of funding framework to help deal with the costs MD residents put upon the three communities when they use their services, said MD Reeve Ed Rondeau.

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In 2009, the City of Cold Converse Sneaker Slipper Pattern

The Mayor of Glendon says his village cannot sustain itself with its current tax base and must seek help if it is to be a viable community.

The current mayor of Glendon, Larry Lofstrand, was elected last October.

Lofstrand said he and the council are looking at ways to get more money from the province to accommodate infrastructure upgrades to the town's parks, water and sewage system, and their Water Treatment Plant, which he said could not be done without going into debt.

"[The MD deal] is a big help," said Lofstrand, "but evidently, we need more than that."

"For the village council in Glendon, I'm not surprised that they find whatever it is that they're getting a year [from the MD] is not enough money," he said.

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He wants to upgrade the park equipment at Pyrogy Park, which houses the villages' main tourist attraction of the "World's Largest Pyrogy."

Lofstrand said the council could not see raising taxes to accommodate this growth, as Glendon residents pay high taxes already.

In addition, Glendon is working on putting its lift station above ground. This would help it avoid possible power outages if something disastrous were to happen.

Cold Lake Mayor Craig Copeland said that it was for reasons like this that the city government did not accept the $1 million a year deal.

which under previous Mayor Johnnie Doonanco said that it was sustainable as a municipality.

He said that due to the village's minimal commercial Converse All Star Skimmer Sneakers Shoes

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