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Converse Chuck Taylor 2 Thunder

Ghosts of Halloweens past

Converse Chuck Taylor 2 Thunder

The freshman afraid the senior might not be satisfied with the plain brownies his mom sent had thoughtfully iced them with Ex lax.

Converse Chuck Taylor 2 Thunder

I made up my mind to talk to the personnel officer again, and see if I could get the job I had been trained to do.

We still go all in for Halloween. The Chamber of Commerce hosts a Halloween Carnival in the Titus County Fair Livestock Pavilion behind the Civic Center. Hundreds of kids Converse Boots Sale

At the CG's briefing, the operations officer reported an armored cavalry platoon was split by a stream that was rising because of recent rains. They would not be able to form a unified laager and expected an enemy attack that night.

I was in Vietnam 363 days. Halloween is one I remember.

Mom and Dad owned the Pleasant Drive in Theatre. We played every Grade B horror movie ever made. We had vampires, giant women, Godzilla and "Little Shop of Horrors." I think "Atomic Man" was playing that night in 1957, when Dad and I went there to collect the keys and take possession.

During high school a group of boys put an outhouse on the roof of the building, naming it for the principal. Also, I got my fill of horror movies.

We talked about tricks we could pull. One would be to set a paper bag with something disgusting inside one fire. The idea was to run and hide and watch while the man stomped out the fire, getting his shoes and clothes dirty. The trick was older than Davy Crockett, so I don't remember us actually pulling it. I may have been present, however, when someone set a luminary on fire.

Converse Chuck Taylor 2 Thunder

Converse Chuck Taylor 2 Thunder

Converse Chuck Taylor 2 Thunder

Converse Chuck Taylor 2 Thunder

my memories are of cake and ice cream.

When I arrived in Vietnam, the division personnel officer told me there were no armor slots open. I could, however, work in the division public Converse Chuck Taylor 2 Thunder relations shop. I took the deal.

The afternoon had wrapped up in the usual way. I attended the division commander's briefing and informed my boss in the Public Information Office what was going on. Henry Grambergu, the smooth talking guy from North Cali, told me we had been invited to a party.

Occasionally, freshmen would trick or treat the neighborhoods around the A campus. Also upper classmen were known to raid a freshman's supply of sweet stuff. One senior was aware the freshmen living next to him had received a "CARE" package from home. He threw open their door (freshmen aren't allowed to lock their doors), yelled "trick or treat" and scooped up a pan of brownies.

And there I was drinking Scotch and talking up a girl.

will also come running through our neighborhood trick or treating.

Converse Chuck Taylor 2 Thunder

Converse Chuck Taylor 2 Thunder

Halloween memories for me are also enhanced since my birthday lands a couple of days before All Saint's Eve. Mother would usually have a Halloween theme for my parties. You may think of candied applies and popcorn balls when you recall Halloween, but Converse All Star Ox Black Size 5

Converse Chuck Taylor 2 Thunder

surreal nature of the moment came over me.

As we got older, we would leave the Halloween Carnival and trick or treat our East Side neighborhood.

Converse Chuck Taylor 2 Thunder

The party was at the trailer of the fellow who ran the Chu Lai PX. There was plenty to eat and drink. There were even girls, Red Cross girls. I was chatting with one woman who had gone to SMU, when the Converse All Star Leather Ox

Converse Chuck Taylor 2 Thunder

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