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"It was nothing like what was reported. Somebody tried to start an argument at the door. I said 'No! No! No!'

"It was way out of proportion. Way, way overblown.

The reports said the incident happened when the lights were flashed signaling last call, that the doorman encouraged the players outside where it is said the confrontation continued but eventually subsided.

Converse Black Uk

"I saw Getzy late Saturday night Converse Black Uk (actually early Sunday morning). from the hotel where we (Team USA) stayed, the same hotel as Team Canada. Getzy was not intoxicated and was not with a woman. We had a brief and pleasant conversation and then I headed to the airport. I don't know what happened early that night. or so."

The alleged incident was to reported to have happened in the Circus nightclub, where leading Finnish hip hop and rap Converse Womens Target

"This thing is so overblown it's ridiculous. Sometimes you have to shake your head at how ridiculous things can get over here. It's crazy. Once Jari Kurri was asked to pose for a picture with a female fan. Converse All Star White High Tops

"Where that story came from, I don't know," said Getzlaf when he came off the ice after the game.

artists appear. Former Miss Finland Sara Sieppilin and some of the entertainers were reported to be in the bar and in conversation with the Canadian players.

"It wasn't much more than that. There were never any punches thrown. Nothing. No incident. And there was definitely no Miss Finland," he said. "We just went out after the game, had some fun and went home.

Converse Black Uk

Another report said Getlaf proclaimed himself "the captain of the Anaheim Ducks" and that he "threated to knock everyone out in three minutes."

Converse Black Uk

In an e mail to your correspondent during the game, Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Brian Burke reported what he witnessed.

where hockey is considered to be the No. 1 sport.

Getzlaf downplays club

It was one of those here it comes, here it is, there it goes stories which used to cover three days. It lasted about three hours in today's internet and social media world.

Converse Black Uk

Converse Black Uk

"The scrutiny pales back home compared to here," he said of the only other country in the world Converse Modern Ox

Converse Black Uk

"The guys were out and people were out watching them be out. There was, we determined, nothing to address," said Brad Pascall of Hockey Canada.

It illustrates the keep your head up, keep your focus life a hockey player has to take with him, not just to the arena but to the bar after the game these days in which just about everybody has a telephone with camera, e mail and text capabilities.

Team Canada GM Kevin Lowe said he thought the Finland media was too engrossed in making a big deal out of the fact that Finland has only scored two goals in two games to try make a story out of something like this.

Getzlaf was alleged to have waved his fist at the Finns and said "You do not want this" in a nightclub after their Saturday night loss to the USA.

Converse Black Uk

Converse Black Uk

Converse Black Uk

Converse Black Uk

He put his arm around her shoulders. The picture ended up on the front of a newspaper here. And he's an honoured legend.

Converse Black Uk

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