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Thank you for supporting our mission of meaningful, authentic connection between people and planet. Please update health and contact information for your child. Select your child's current EC group under Program Selections to pay.

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work and full time employment in their respective fields. Kelley Garrison continues as a GEC Program Coordinator and mentor, while finishing prerequisite coursework in holistic heathcare. Kelley will spend some of this year training one of our newest mentors, Hannah Thomas, in the nuts and bolts of group coordination. Hannah is delighted to be working as a mentor to groups she met last spring, as well as beginning to coordinate two new groups. Laurel Peak will balance out her work as Program Manager with mentoring of ongoing groups this fall while she embraces life in her new home in the Pacific Northwest. Aimee Frazier continues as GEC Program Coordinator and mentor, tends a small business, and learns daily how to be a mom to older teens. In their free time, GEC mentors are climbing rocks and mountains (and skiing down them), dancing boldly, being compassionate and loving family members, traveling the world solo, racing mountain bikes, drawing and painting, learning about medicinal plants, making goals and taking risks, trail running, living car free and biking everywhere, practicing good self care, growing gardens, working with victims of domestic violence, parenting, and so much more. We embrace and endeavor to embody the GEC mottos in our lives each day, and we're honored to mentor and be mentored by your daughters! The Wild Whatcom staff page is here.

Note that coordinators manage schedules and parent communications, and also mentor groups. We aim for ongoing mentorship for each group, so though you'll communicate with your group coordinator, your daughter's group will have several ongoing mentors.

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As summer's light wanes and the turning time of autumn takes us 'round the seasons, we look forward to sharing days with your daughters exploring, serving, connecting.

Expect to receive a roster for carpooling and get togethers. Speaking of get togethers. Last spring we began asking for parent representatives for each group to help create group connections outside of GEC. This worked wonderfully for groups that had parent reps, allowing group members to strengthen bonds, which in turn deepens their experience in Explorers Club and in life. Please contact your group's coordinator if you can be a parent rep this fall. It doesn't take much time but reaps many rewards!

Your daughter's group schedule (see sidebar) has details for her outings this fall. Each outing is full of comprehensive, transformative life learning, including leadership development, naturalist skills, self knowledge, community awareness, and interpersonal communication. We're confident that GEC girls will incorporate these lessons into their lives as children, youth, teens and, eventually, as aware and competent adults.

Just as nature ebbs and flows, always changing, so shift the GEC mentors lives, with their ongoing commitment to personal and professional exploration. Annie Hewlett supports GEC with occasional mentor days, but now spends most of her professional life pursuing a career in medicine. Isabel Machuca Kelley continues to be Converse All Star Trainers Sale committed to groups she's mentored Converse Beige Sneakers

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Girls Fall 2014 Program


Welcome, and Welcome Back, to Girls Explorers Club!

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Converse All Star Trainers Sale

Though summer has been full of expansive explorations, we've also had our hearts and minds on our fall program, working to craft outings that match participants' developmental stages. We've designed explorations and service projects for our 15 groups that meet our mission of connecting girls with themselves, one another, the community and the natural world, with an ongoing mentorship model that ensures caring and conscientious guidance of each participant. Know that we're committed to growth that is steady, rooted and sustainable, retaining the breadth and depth of authentic connections and joyful explorations we've been facilitating since 2004.

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Please look over the schedule at the beginning of the season and give us as much advance notice as possible if your daughter needs to shift days. Last minute requests often cannot be met.

Explorers Club groups with girls who prioritize attendance offer a much richer experience. We certainly understand the competing commitments girls have in their lives and know that sometimes EC days must be missed. We design schedules with this in mind, carefully doing our best to plan and choose dates around other activities to minimize absences. If your child cannot attend a scheduled day with her group due to illness or family vacation, you may arrange with staff for her to join another group on another day as a make up (note that we can no longer arrange make up days for other activities, such as soccer). There are only four Converse Combat Boots Sale

Please be sure to check out the Mottos and the Be Prepared Checklist. Both of these guide our program's values and practices. Preparedness is a key aspect of safety outdoors and we do expect girls and families to use the Be Prepared Checklist in getting ready for each outing day. If you have any items to donate to GEC, you may give them to any mentor at any outing. Your contribution benefits others thank you!


EC days/season and the many lessons learned and experiences shared are carried over outing to outing, season to season. We hope girls can prioritize nature connection whenever possible!

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Important Information about MISSED DAYS / MAKE UPS

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Do know that planning 60 outing days for 70+ girls is a tricky task though we are very careful and thorough in checking and re checking all schedules, we apologize if there are any errors. Contact your daughter's group coordinator if you have any questions about the schedule, or anything else:

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over the years, while also focusing on her student teaching practicum at Cordata Elementary this year. Jess Gifford and Trillium Swanson, recent graduates from WWU, will also mentor groups they've nurtured, as they pursue graduate Converse All Star Black And White

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