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Converse All Star Shoes Australia

Converse All Star Shoes Australia

First Converse All Star Shoes Australia OMEGA a Converse Navy Sneakers

OMEGA specializes in sustainable development be it houses, buildings, sewage treatment or renewable energy.

German firm teams up with First Nation

The next step will be establishing model homes on the reservation, so that interested businessmen from nearby urban centres, such as Montreal, Ottawa or Toronto, can examine the new design.

While the Akwesasne company may not be exploring this technology in their developments, they are hoping to use some aspects of the the Smart Build technology in housing and development projects.

Converse All Star Shoes Australia

energy and sustainability.

Converse All Star Shoes Australia

And because many Akwesasne residents have dual citizenship, they can be put to work in cities on both side of the border.

Ruhl touted these projects as cheaper, and more energy efficient, than current housing builds, although Jeff Tarbell said there may need to be some design modifications to make them attractive to the North American market.

Converse All Star Shoes Australia

The frame is wrapped with magnesium oxide boards, coming together in just a few days. The trimmings, such as windows and doors, are sourced locally, he added.

The opportunity to learn is also part of the deal, said Tarbell, as the German company looks highly upon training its partners in construction, and once that down, in renewable Converse All Star 2 Low Tops

Converse All Star Shoes Australia

Converse All Star Shoes Australia

Tarbell said he is hoping these model buildings can also be put to use in the community, perhaps with one working as a new building for Thompson Island youth camp or as a larger and more comfortable Converse Womens Shoes Nz

Converse All Star Shoes Australia

The hope is that the company, with the advantage of the German technology, can win development contracts for housing, school expansions and military uses.

The building technology makes building quick, explained Ruhl, as a machine processes steel to build the frame, which is assembled simply using hand tools.

Converse All Star Shoes Australia

office for the intensive preventive program, which is currently working out of a trailer.

Tarbell is part of the Akwesasne group that established the development company First OMEGA which he sees as an opportunity to create jobs in Akwesasne.

Geography makes a lot of things difficult in Akwesasne, but it is a large part of the reason why OMEGA Smart Build a German engineering firm chose the First Nations reservations as their first North American location.

They like to think about the whole picture, explained Michael Ruhl, an engineer who traveled from Germany to explain the technology to a group of Akwesasne decision makers this week.

trying to get some employment going, he said.

partnership between a group of Akwesasne businessmen and the German firm, which sees majority shares go to the natives is just getting the ball rolling on a bid to bring jobs, training and money to the area.

Converse All Star Shoes Australia

Converse All Star Shoes Australia

Ideally, this includes trying to ensure each house uses as much renewable energy as possible with larger projects reusing any waste materials.

Converse All Star Shoes Australia

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