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We spoke about the issue and her reply was forthright. She told me 250,000 people in Sao Paulo are homeless, it is not an old problem. She referred to the site near Itaquero close to the stadium and said she had heard that many people had gone there because rents in the area had risen.

Edmilson told me the Government and FIFA said they wouldn't need our money, but we have zero. Brand new low cost social housing was promised, but nothing was delivered so Converse All Star Oxford a camp of 'tents' has risen.

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Converse All Star Oxford

And complicated is how most things to do with this World Cup in Brazil are. Many people say they were promised things that haven't been delivered, while government officials say they are doing their best with long standing problems.

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Converse All Star Oxford

Edmilson Gomes da Silva, the leader of Brazil's Homeless Workers' Movement met me to explain what was going on and why the camp had come about. 5,000 workers and Converse All Star Womens Cheap

were promised help. They say the World Cup stopped that.

She said that rents rising wasn't necessarily a bad thing, for many residents who could afford to stay in the area the schools and security had vastly improved due to the development around the World Cup site. It's clearly a complicated story.

The camp is split into eight sections, each has one kitchen which caters for about 700 people. It was quite humbling to be among these people. Most have jobs, they are low pay, but they are proud people and Converse All Star Ox Black Leather Womens Trainers

However, for reasons which still can't be explained to me clearly, the money that was meant to pay for new housing went instead to help pay for the construction of a stadium.

I had heard numerous stories about many people in Sao Paulo who are upset with the building of the World Cup stadium. Its cost, its delays, the strikes, the tragic deaths of three construction workers.

their families live not in bricks and mortar, but plastic and tarpaulin shacks.

Geraint Hughes reports on homeless workers from Sao Paulo

Geraint Hughes of Sky Sports News reports from Sao Paulo where thousands of workers have been made homeless in the past month.

to speak with the City's Deputy Mayor Nadia Campeao.

That's just one side of the story, so I phoned up City Hall in Sao Paulo and was able Converse Boys

That's what the Brazil Homeless Workers' Movement believe and are eager to tell as many people as possible, they've even now got the attention of Brazil's President Dilma who has promised to talk with the movement.

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