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Or maybe you've heard about Glenwood's people, and maybe what you've heard is bad. Maybe you've heard about poverty and drugs and trailers and run down houses with peeling paint.

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"It's a community like the good old days that everybody wants to go back to," he says, "where you can go over to your neighbor and borrow something. Most communities today, people don't even know who their neighbors are."

For Ted Russell, who grew up in Eugene and moved to Glenwood eight years ago, it's about the old trees. "This is why I decided to move here, is all the diverse trees. I mean, it was a conscious decision that I needed to live here."

"This is one of my favorite places to be," he says. "Even though you can hear the freeway or the train going by, it's Converse All Star Ox Shoes still one of the most peaceful, serene places in or around the Eugene/Springfield area. And we're just right off Franklin."

The union plumber saw his two bedroom, 1930s house listed for sale on the Internet, and put money down without ever seeing it.

That community spirit is also what my landlady, Joan Armstead, likes about Glenwood. She moved away a couple years ago, but at the end of the summer she says she's coming back. "When you drive down on Franklin you would never realize that there was a nice residential area tucked away behind the businesses, where a lot of the streets give you the felling of walking down a country lane," she says.

Maybe you think the Glenwood is just the ugly strip along Franklin Boulevard you see driving between Springfield and Eugene. Maybe you know it as used car lots, pawn shops, a pizza place, a cut rate auto parts store, a bar. Maybe you bring stuff to the dump. Maybe you don't even stop.

From his small deck, the handyman/craftsman can see something like a dozen different species: noble fir, grand fir, Douglas fir, cedar, quaking aspen, giant native cherry, red alder, black walnut, a bunch of apples, plum, maple, willow, bing cherry, plum, filbert, black locust.

She herself found people would shrink back from her as if she had something contagious when they learned she lived in Glenwood. As if it were catching.

"I didn't know Glenwood had such a bad name," she says. "It always has. I don't know why. I don't like people who are that judgmental."

More than anything, living in Glenwood is about the community here.

But if you thought to turn down one of the streets you barely notice from Franklin or Henderson or Glenwood Boulevard, you might catch your breath. You might find little bits of magic. Glenwood's fa hides its heart and happy secrets: The gardens. The neighbors. The big old trees. The big old lots with (relatively) affordable houses on them. The way we watch out for each other. The way we watch out that the powers that leave us alone.

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Is it Contagious?

By Orna Izakson

Peas and Outlaws

If you think he's exaggerating, try this: My neighbor Lisa, who has turned all the open ground on her property into garden space, walks to the houses of her friends carrying baskets of her overabundant peas, other produce or flowers. Two neighbors have keys to Dave's house so they can use his high efficiency, front loading washer and gas dryer.

and picked Glenwood. And they're not going to let it happen any more, the things they did."

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Many people think they know Glenwood. Maybe you're one of them.

"It was the happiest day of my life," she says over root beer in her immaculate kitchen.

classical musicians and students, activists and teachers.

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Dave Carvo had been on the road in his mobile home for five years, working construction for five years when he discovered Glenwood.

But when her daughters finished their years at the Glenwood School and went on to Roosevelt High, Dorothy found out what neighbors in Eugene thought of her bit of paradise.

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Steve is mostly talking about drugs, but the outlaw mentality is pervasive here. And while it is mature, it's definitely not in retirement. For years the area has housed activists, but here the activists are grownups who generally get along. Glenwood for the most part gives its residents the respect and tolerance we don't get from neighbors in Eugene.

in the house his parents built before he was born. He means that in a good way: "It's people who've been out there and have raised some hell Converse Tan Rose

"It would've been bulldozed if I hadn't gotten my hands on it. By today's property and investment standards, our dirt in Glenwood is worth more than our houses."

Glenwood Outta Sight

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The neighborhood is, most people agree, an "eclectic mix." It's old people and students, hellraisers and artists, Converse All Star Shoes Yellow

But maybe the biggest secret is this: If you knew Glenwood, you might wish you lived here, too.

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Dorothy Westover In 1954, Dorothy Westover and her husband, Ralph, saw an ad in the paper for a house on an acre with good garden soil going for $7,500. Oregon wasn't building housing during World War II, and the young couple had been living all over, in rented rooms and the Creswell area cabin provided to workers like her husband who built Dorena Dam. They moved in the day before Easter.

They called her daughters "Glenwood grease" and "Glenwood scum." One of the girls skipped school to avoid the taunts. When Dorothy came to speak with the principal about her daughter's absences, she heard that her children's dresses were just as nice as the other girls' as if that were all that mattered.

"I took a wrong turn one day, ended up in Glenwood, and it was home," he says. "It has an air of you don't have to fit a mold. It's always been a place for non mainstream culture."

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"Glenwood is where the outlaws go to retire," says Steve Moe, a lifelong Glenwood resident who lives Converse All Star Ox Black Leather

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