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road and in the office, USA TODAY is looking at how many executives, like DiGennaro, can work more efficiently and is offering their tips to help others.

them. "I might have all of my shirts in one pouch and all of my dresses in another," she says. "Then I can unpack pretty easily."

"Over time, you learn this works more effectively than that; this saves more time than that," she says.

Converse All Star Leather Shoes

"It's a lot of having to be on," she says, "constantly moving, constantly entertaining, eating out three meals a day, not necessarily having time to squeeze in a workout or exercise. So I love to travel, but travel is not always easy."

Converse All Star Leather Shoes

Converse All Star Leather Shoes

Samantha DiGennaro, CEO of DiGennaro Communications, offers travel tips to executives.(Photo: Todd Plitt, USA TODAY)Story HighlightsFrequent traveler Samantha DiGennaro advises execs to avoid checking bagsAvoid economy when traveling for business, if possibleBe aware of diet and exercise when on the road

DiGennaro has a wealth of advice on how to make business travel more productive and pleasant. This year, she's been on the road more than she's been home, traveling to Istanbul and Milan in just the last four weeks

Converse All Star Leather Shoes


Glamorous or grueling

"No matter how free spirited you are or how much wanderlust you have, it's an entirely different experience than traveling for pleasure," says DiGennaro, who also flies back and forth to her second office in Santa Monica, Calif., to London, where she has a partner agency, and to attend conferences important to her executive clients.

When traveling for business, DiGennaro thinks that a trip on a private jet trumps commercial flying because of the "privacy, the ability to get work done."

NEW YORK Samantha DiGennaro had a resolution at New Year's.

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The founder and CEO of New York based public relations firm DiGennaro Communications was determined that at a time when many tend to friendships and business via Facebook, Skype and Twitter, she would spend more time, face to face, with her far flung clients.

Converse All Star Leather Shoes

Converse All Star Leather Shoes

"That was my commitment, so I've been flying all over the country," says DiGennaro, 43. "So many people are constantly plugged in, and that's important, but that does not beat the power of face to face interaction and communication."

Converse All Star Leather Shoes

First things first is the packing. No matter how far she's flying or how long she'll be away, DiGennaro tries to travel with a carry on to avoid waiting on checked luggage. She takes clothes that don't have to be ironed and uses cloth shoe bags to separate Converse All Star Ox Shoes Optical White

To help business people work smarter on the Converse White Dainty Office

She recently bought luggage with wheels that allow her to roll it in front or beside her, instead of just pulling it along. "I have Converse Girl Uk


DiGennaro enjoys traveling for fun. But she acknowledges that hopscotching across the globe for work can be stressful.

She carries chargers and adapters for her electronics. Except for her contact lens solution, toothpaste and makeup, DiGennaro tends to travel toiletry free. That eliminates the worry over airport security screeners who decide a too big bottle Converse All Star Leather Shoes of shampoo needs to be tossed or checked. She buys anything else she needs when she arrives.

Converse All Star Leather Shoes

Converse All Star Leather Shoes

She realizes that's not an option available to everyone. So the next best thing is a seat in business class. DiGennaro will veer toward coach if a client is buying her ticket. But when paying her own way, "I'm more likely to maneuver to get an upgrade."

to move quickly," she says, "and so luggage matters."

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