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Converse All Star Leather Brown

"The Premier League is very popular, very strong and very well run. The Premier League is part of the solution, we need to use some of their strengths to find a way round it." Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Colour Shift Grey Leather Trainers

Converse All Star Leather Brown

"So we need to try to find some way to give those boys a way to really competitive first team football on a regular basis.

League Managers' Association chief Howard Wilkinson, PFA chairman elect Ritchie Humphreys, along with Dario Gradi and former England defender Danny Mills are also involved.

"Hopefully people are ready to accept change," Wilkinson told Sky Sports News Radio.

Converse All Star Leather Brown

Glenn Hoddle keen to share vision for England future after joining FA Commission

Converse All Star Leather Brown

Former FA technical director Wilkinson, who has twice taken caretaker charge of England and also managed the Under 21s, insists they are part of the solution, not the problem.

"I don't think young foreigners coming into the Premier League is a quick fix, the Premier League is the richest league in the word and the birds fly to where the sunshine is.

"I've got some really good ideas that I've put my mind to recently but also going back quite a way. As I said I've already got some ideas there and I want to improve on that," Hoddle told Sky Sports News.

Converse All Star Leather Brown

people are prepared to accept radical change. The game has not been good at it through the years but we shall see.

Converse All Star Leather Brown

The Premier League does not have a representative sitting on the Commission, but will be actively involved in the process and they have moved to clarify the situation.

Converse All Star Leather Brown

Converse All Star Leather Brown

think in that case, losing motivation.

"We have good development centres, I think we have good development and our problem is opportunity. Our problem is 17/18 year old boys facing a glass ceiling. I Converse Dark Grey

"I've run my own academy in Spain and I saw how those lads at 18 21 could be developed and improved very quickly. If you can do that with 8, 9, 10, 12 year olds and 16 year olds then I think there is a real opportunity here.

"The Premier League is part of Greg Dyke's commission. We and the clubs agreed last month with The FA that it would be better to engage with it as a collective rather than have one individual attend the meetings," director of communications Dan Johnson said in a statement.

"I think find out what the facts are, try to identify the real problems and try to come up with solutions and whatever those will be given where we are now, I think those solutions will be fairly radical.

Converse All Star Leather Brown

"That will be the crunch point, whether Converse All Star Leather Hi White Mono

"I think from the moment the Premier League was formed, it was fairly clear that we'd finish up here.

"If some of these ideas get across the line, I think there is a way of changing the generation of footballers.

Converse All Star Leather Brown

"From the Premier League's point of view, I can understand where they're coming from, Converse All Star Leather Brown they probably feel that they have more than one person that can contribute particularly in terms of the actual facts of the case in terms of what goes on.

"Quicker than perhaps Greg (Dyke) has said. He's mentioned 2022, he's mentioned 2020, which I applaud because it's a vision."

Converse All Star Leather Brown

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