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It's that time of the year. The Awesome 3000 is May 3. That's only eight weeks away, and now is a perfect time to take some first easy steps toward being ready for the big day.

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time in front of the TV or playing video games. Get up and do something. Sundays are a great day to do something fun, especially with your parents, and Mondays are rest days. Take advantage of the day Converse All Star Leather Blue off and let your body recover from all your hard work.

The Awesome 3000 also supports a good cause. The entry fee helps the Salem Keizer Education Foundation raise thousands of dollars every year for innovate classroom grants. You may have taken part in a special class project that was made possible because of the Awesome 3000.

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Converse All Star Leather Blue

Why would someone want to run the Awesome 3000? For starters, this is the 32nd year, and we're pretty sure some of your parents ran when they were kids. Another reason to get involved is that Olympic athletes around the world would say that their dreams of competing in the Games began with fun runs such as the Awesome 3000. The Awesome 3000 could light the flame leading to your Olympic dreams or a dream of running on the school track or cross country team.

Children run distances based on their age. Kids in kindergarten through second grade run 1,500 meters or almost a mile. Grades third through fifth run Converse - All Star Ox - Womens - White Mono Leather

Remember, though, your first priority is to work with your parents and teachers on finishing your homework and family chores.

For the training, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, you should follow the training instructions I have for you here. On Wednesdays and Fridays, you should cross train do something fun that is active. Don't spend a lot Converse Black Womens Shoes

Finally, it's important that your parents talk with your doctor before starting any exercise program. This eight week training plan is a suggested outline and should be followed with parental guidance.

Get in Awesome shape by training for the Awesome 3000

2,000 meters or 1.24 miles, and grades sixth through eighth go 3,000 meters. That's 1.86 miles. There's also a pre kindergarten group, which will run 300 meters three quarters of a lap. Converse For Men All Star

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Those are all good reasons to participate. But the best reason is you! Imagine how good it will feel to know you can go the distance. You'll be in good physical shape and proud of yourself.

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My job is to help you get ready. I'll start you out slowly with a little light jogging and walking. Each week, be prepared to add a few minutes to your training program.

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Converse All Star Leather Blue

Converse All Star Leather Blue

Converse All Star Leather Blue

These runners get a brand new free book at the finish line with their medal.

Dave Johnson is the Awesome 3000 running coach and a former bronze medalist in the Olympic decathlon. He is director of Willamette Valley Christian Fellowship of Athletes.

Converse All Star Leather Blue

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