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of the local branch of the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary (CCGA) earlier this year.

Unit 18, based out of Roger's Marina in Summerstown, was dissolved on May 3 due to a lack of leadership and the inability to properly execute rescues, according to a letter of explanation from a CCGA Converse All Star 2017 official to all the members.

On May 3, secretary Bechette sent a letter to all the members explaining that the group would be dissolved because "Unit 18 was no longer able to provide search and rescue safely to the public and its members."

Officials arrived on March 25 to inspect the boat before it went into the water for the 2010 boating season. Instead of stamping their approval on the newly painted and repaired ship, they announced they were taking the boat away, said Harris.

"I never knew as unit commander where I stood and the communications channels are next to nonexistent," wrote Harris in his resignation letter.

Around the same time as Lalonde's suspension, McEvoy resigned his position and Harris was given command of the confused and tattered unit.

He apparently called the rescue centre which requests appropriate emergency services to respond to situations to find out what was going on, but was told they were not allowed to have contact with him.

Harris agreed with the assessment there was no boat with which to provide services. He said as far as he knows, the vessel is sitting in storage instead of serving the community that invested time and money into making it a reliable and valuable vehicle for rescues.

According to Harris, president Smith said the removal was due to it being stored at a fired member's home. However, Harris had e mail proof that the zone director had been aware of the location and hadn't objected.

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The controversy and confusion comes down to poor communication, said Harris. He said the language barrier between the Quebec officials and Cornwall members added to the conflict.

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"The knowledge he knows is valuable," said Harris about the former commander, "and they took it away."

"We had no clue as to where the boat was being taken, what happened or what was going on," he said.

Lalonde received a letter in early July notifying him of a pending suspension, which Harris said came without warning and surprised everyone.

A few days later, he resigned.

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Converse All Star 2017

"The unit was divided," he added, "half on the side of Roger Lalonde and half on the side of Jason McEvoy. It has taken a lot of work to get everyone thinking about the unit as a priority."

In April 2009, Lalonde was called to a meeting with McEvoy and the Quebec bigwigs Lessard, Smith and secretary Leopold Bechette but Harris said none of the issues were open to discussion so nothing was resolved.

Getting to bottom of unit's closure

"I took the position as I could not let the other members down," wrote Harris.

"It hasn't been back since," said Harris.

In July, Lalonde participated in a rescue at the request of the Akwesasne Mohawk Police.

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Harris said he believes that phone call led to Lalonde's firing a short time later, though he said there was still no clear discussion on what went wrong only vague responses.

The condition of his suspension was to not have any contact with the unit or its participants for 90 days a hard line to follow since Lalonde's wife, Jeanne, was a member.

Though Harris was frustrated with the treatment of Lalonde who had participated in around 700 rescues during his nearly three decades of service with the CCGA and other clashes with the region's leadership, it was an incident this past March that was the last straw for the unit commander.

Smith. "Roger Lalonde was not given a chance to elaborate his side of the story."

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"All was favoured toward Jason McEvoy," claims Harris in a letter to Converse Modern

Lalonde is now in legal proceedings against the CCGA Quebec region and its leaders because of the lack of explanation for his suspension and subsequent dismissal, said Harris.

Unit 18's boat had been stored at Lalonde's house for the winter as usual, since his wife was still an active member. Community donations had enabled the group to give the vessel a complete overhaul, as any funding from the CCGA is to reimburse members for expenses during rescues.

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When McEvoy took his frustrations to zone director Michel Lessard and regional president Ted Smith, they accepted them without asking for other opinions, according to Harris.

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A former search and rescue volunteer claims poor communication and unresolved conflicts caused the closure Buy Cheap Converse Shoes Online Australia

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