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was a young girl her access to art supplies was very limited. It is said necessity is the mother of invention so graphite pencils became her preference early on.

The accomplished visual artist, who works in the realistic style, is inspired by the outdoors and it is in her studio that she becomes one with her passion for detail.

Backed up by a conscious effort to do the best she can, Gagnon creates while listening to music, the comfort of my studio and going in my bubble, she said.


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heart of the couple home.

was always kind of embarrassed about saying I liked the bush. They were happy times climbing trees and good memories, said Gagnon, the eldest of three who still has family in Moonbeam.

She used her traditional snowshoes and mukluks to break the new trails which would provide an alternative to cross country skiing.

Surrounded by nature, wildlife, peace and quiet, the rural environment is conducive to creativity while her Among Trees Art Studio could be in many respects, the Converse Sneakers Sale Online

Bob was a frequent visitor to Stokely Creek Lodge and even though Lucie cross country skied as well, she favoured her snowshoes and this lead to some creative activities.

Her family life was in the bush with nature. Loved ones were lumberjacks, fishermen, hunters, guides that was her life and playground and it inspired her artistic aspirations.

best friend is my sharpener, my worst is my eraser, she said.

approached the manager at Stokely and asked for permission to build snowshoe trails, said Bob.

Her works done in this medium are exceptionally unique because without colour the execution Converse All Star 2 Sizing of drawing changes and highly skilled precision by the artist is required to fill the void.

It is here that Gagnon painstakingly creates her fine art graphite pencil drawings.

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space to work in before.

Passion for a way of life and an inherent love for nature is a powerful incentive for a young girl who had no access to an art store or a formal education in art.

The self taught artist had a love for art and nature at an early age, and even though formal art instruction was not available throughout her elementary and secondary schooling there, a teacher who hadn actually taught her as a student, gave her an opportunity she still remembers to this day.

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There are many ways to draw and sometimes there can be misconceptions about this type of art. Her works are not pencil sketches but rather fine art drawings, which incorporate the many greys that exist between black and white.

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When she sent letters to family in Quebec, she include her drawings about whatever was going on in the kitchen at the time or things happening around her so communication for her seemed to be very visual as well.

was so quiet to work as there was no one there, she remembers.

The teacher knew Lucie liked to draw so she said to her the blackboard. used coloured chalks, which were reserved only for the teachers, it was such an honour to do, said Lucie, who never had so much Converse Ladies Fashion

Snowshoeing, breaking trail and guiding were also integral to her life there. She was able to adapt them to her life here and although she didn realize it at the time, her perseverance opened up opportunity for others.

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Get the lead out

It was an autumn scene that she did with trees and chipmunks and she just filled the board with nature and life that thrived within it.

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Converse All Star 2 Sizing

Converse All Star 2 Sizing

Gagnon prefers realism and it can take her months to complete a piece depending on the size and amount of detail.

She loves colour, but when she Converse Ladies Leather

Converse All Star 2 Sizing

were no art stores there and I remember the first time my mother ordered some pastels from Eaton or Sears for Christmas. I did a lot of drawings and gave them all away, said Gagnon, who remembers being about 10 at the time.

Born in Moonbeam Ont., and raised in Fauquier, a nearby community on the Groundhog River, Gagnon grew up on the land, spending time with nature while fishing, hunting and trapping with her dad and family.

feels good, there is so much beauty in nature, I am attracted to natural beauty, it my playground, she said in a recent interview at the rustic log home in Goulais River she has shared with her husband, Bob Yankus, since 2001.

Gagnon said it was a good way to learn about the area which had a rougher terrain than she was accustomed to up north.

Lucie Gagnon is a Northern Ontario girl with strong roots here who inherently connected to her French Canadian culture and a lifelong love of the wilderness.

She was a visionary in a sense because intuitively she knew trails, such as her Lucie Mukluks Loop would appeal to a wider range of interests.

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