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"Ryan (Murphy, Glee creator) himself is going to shoot some PSAs (public service announcements) with the cast, in which as cast members, as friends of his, they are going to speak directly to the audience. I think they're going to be very impactful and my hope is that the good we talked about at Cory's service last week, which was both a celebration and incredibly sad, will come through as we honour this really vibrant young kid."

The first two episodes of the season already were conceived as Beatles episodes, and the cast wanted Converse Silver Sparkle

the issues that led to the actor's tragic death last month.

Converse All Star 2 Boots

Converse All Star 2 Boots

The episode of Glee dealing with the exit of Cory Monteith's character will directly address Converse All Star Leather Snake Effect Trainers

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Converse All Star 2 Boots

Reilly said the music sale proceeds from the episode will be used to create a fund that will do something charitable in Monteith's name.

Monteith was found dead in a Vancouver hotel room on July 13. He was 31.


"They're easily put into a category. 'Oh, he was dark. Oh, she was always a partier.' "Cory was a big, open, wonderful life force. He was not a problem. Everybody loved him. He didn't look like that, he looked straight as an arrow.

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to get back to work and shoot those. Production begins next week.

"The third episode (of the new season this fall) will deal with the Finn Hudson character being written out of the show," Fox chairman of entertainment Kevin Reilly said at the Television Critics Association tour Thursday.

Asked about utilizing some unused footage of Monteith in the episode, Reilly said, "It's a possibility, because we do have some of that footage. But the guys are working through it right now."

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But when asked specifically if the Finn character is going to die because of drug abuse, Reilly said, "No, I can't confirm that at all."

"What I will tell you is that episode will deal directly with the incidents involved in Cory's passing and the drug abuse in particular.

"So we're going to air those two Beatles episodes, we'll have the Cory episode, then were going to go on hiatus, probably for three weeks, for the World Series," Reilly said.

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"He was very open about (his drug problems) in his past, not as open about it in the present. Nobody was shocked, but everybody Converse All Star 2 Boots was ultimately shocked, because it was an accident. It was not intentional, it was an accident that happened to somebody struggling with an addiction. And hopefully that's what comes of this, illuminating that type of Converse Khaki

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"What we all said and what everybody knows is, you see some people struggling with addiction, it's clear," Reilly said.

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'Glee' will face Monteith's death head

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Converse All Star 2 Boots

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