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As teenagers, it seemed that we doffed our drawers whenever a hot sun or cool lake presented itself. We weren't alone. A 2006 poll found one in four Americans has skinny Converse Rubber Red

But ours were mono gendered dips, until the Free Love era made shucking of clothing in mixed company commonplace. Unfortunately for me, most of the co ed skinny dips I can recall took place in glacial lakes, which led to several more anatomy lessons, including that goose bumps are not necessarily a sign of arousal.

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Adult society of the time forced nudity on youth because scientists had not yet discovered that children possess a fragile self esteem that could be shattered by comparative nakedness.

If I learned one anatomy lesson from those magazines, it's that most of the people you will see nude in your lifetime are people you would rather see fully clothed.

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At least, that's the impression I got from certain naturist magazines that a friend and I perused in search of what substituted for sex education in those pre internet days when even Playboy was hard for an adolescent male to come by.

In my first year of high school, our boys swim class was conducted in the nude, which I have to say provided a good incentive for learning to dive properly. No cannonballs in that pool.

Unfortunately, everybody in those magazines bore no resemblance whatsoever to Brazil's Olympic beach volleyball team. Everybody was the spit and image of Russia's weightlifting team or Japan's sumo team.

Everybody in those magazines was playing volleyball.

When I was a kid, the only thing nudists did was play volleyball.

Any of Northern Ontario's uncrowded lakes and a warm, sunny day can coax one to nudity, but I never dreamed there could be a nudist camp north of the French River. Then I uncovered Jewel Lake Wilderness, described on its web page as 640 clothes free acres just north of Highway 17 between North Bay and Sturgeon Falls.

pocket is not cheap, but it won't cost you the shirt off your back.

Still, although Lucy and Ricky slept in separate beds in those sexually conservative 1950s and pre Woodstock 1960s, we kids regularly frolicked together in the altogether.

And a revealing web page it is, particularly some of the merchandise for sale in the Skinny Dipper Shop. There's an ample assortment of stuff emblazoned with the motto, "Barefoot All Over." Then there's that naturist's necessity, a side panel pocket in which to carry one's ID, credit card, keys or money. The Converse Ladies

Skinny dips were a twice daily routine at the YMCA summer camp I attended; coincidentally, canoes going AWOL was a twice daily routine at a nearby camp for girls.

Even real life nudity doesn't necessarily have anything to do with sex, although I'd have to say it makes the whole thing a Converse Suede Pink

"Naturists do not deny the sexual nature of human beings, but they reject the all too prevalent view in our society that nudity and sex are synonymous, and that children should be "protected" from nudity regardless of context," its web page says.

lot easier than if the participants are clad in snowmobile suits.

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The site also lists naturist activities: Nude Jeopardy, tennis, horseshoes, rollerblading, a corn roast. Seems to me any one of those could fall under the heading of Nude Jeopardy.

About that time I made my first visit to a genuine nude beach Wreck Beach, a strand along the western part of the city of Vancouver. I soon discovered that Wreck Beach was named not for a seafaring incident but to describe the physical condition of most of the sunbathers. I half expected a game of volleyball to break out.

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Converse All Star 2 Blue

In fact, The Naturist Society ("find us on Facebook") (to which I might add, "and show prospective employers what you've got") Converse All Star 2 Blue protests that "nude is not lewd."

In fact, if a shopworn guy like me appeared nude in someone else's dream, it might signify nothing more than the dreamer was feeling guilty about not doing her ironing before she went to bed.

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Converse All Star 2 Blue

In that era, young people were widely considered to be good for nothing, and behaved accordingly.

Contrary to what you're thinking, a naked dream is not necessarily a sexual dream. As my therapist would no doubt confirm( if I could afford a therapist, what with the HST and all), dream nudity is sexual only if it takes place somewhere like in a speeding train entering a tunnel, in a rocket blasting off or in certain sections of the produce department of a supermarket.

Converse All Star 2 Blue

A naked dream a few nights ago got me reminiscing about my nudist past.

Getting down to brass monkeys

dipped or sunbathed in the nude and, I suspect, never voted Republican.

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